lies on the Ionian coast of Greece five miles SE of Parga at the mouth of the Acheron river. The river is navigable by small to medium sized yachts up to the town, where it is also possible for a yacht of shallow to moderate draft to moor. Space is tight in the river, and a yacht of much over 12 meters would find turning round quite a challenge, especially with any wind. The beaches are clean, and shade is to be found in the wooded areas immediately behind them. The River Acheron forms the largest part of the attraction of this little town. Its waters are crisp and cool – very cool, in fact – and great to swim in. The Acheron River is navigable by yachts of moderate draft, and moorings alongside the town can be found. Alternatively raft up against one of the more permanent vessels. (source:cruiserswiki.org)



Set off for a timeless journey through verdant forests and crystalline waters on the legendary Acheron River. It’s a route that has been travelled for over two millennia, believed by the ancient Greeks to be the river which the souls of the dead were obliged to pass in order to reach the underworld. Thousands of travelers would make a pilgrimage to visit the oracle who could supposedly communicate with the dead. All of this took place under the surface of an ancient temple complex which was built mere metres from the riverbank.The remnants of those buildings can still be seen, though today’s voyagers come seeking an experience with unspoilt nature rather than the deceased. Birds sing sweetly overhead and flowing willow trees graze the surface of the sparkling river. The current picks up and playfully sends its passengers along an exciting aquatic adventure. The rapids decrease and vessels slow down to a peaceful glide through the tranquil waters. Acheron Kayak invites you to get up close and personal with the river and experience the magical beauty of the wider delta area which still continues to enchant visitors year after year. No prior training is required and explorers of all ages are welcome. We provide the equipment and the river provides an unforgettable journey. All you need to do is enjoy.

The Necromanteion

Necromanteion in Mesopotamos, which ist in the next village, only four kilometers from Ammoudia, was the temple of necromancy devoted to Hades, regarded in mythology as the entrance to the underworld. The word Necromanteion means „Oracle of the Dead“, and the faithful came here to talk with their dead ancestors. The visitors of the Necromanteion reached the underground room through great bronze doors and a maze. This was the place where the dead could be questioned. Mechanical devices for generating shadows of the dead in diffused light provided the necessary dramaturgy. Following the meeting, the visitors were bound to secrecy about all what was experienced.


Boat Trips

Boat Trip Acheron

Every Day the boatman guides you in the mythical world of Acheron. The ride starts outside the canal, brings you close to nature. You will see the beach of Ammoudia, the sea caves and the impressive rock forms.


Boat Trip to Parga’s Castle

Parga is one of those seaside destinations you see on postcards. Colourful boats in the harbours, tavernas and it is also a beautiful place for shopping. Parga’s castle is located at a distance of about 20  km from Ammoudia and was area’s fort during Turkish domination. It was constructed so as to be unbitten trying this way to avoid Ali pasha’s investment.


Road Trip

In Ammoudia you can also rent a car or a motor scooter. 40 km far from Ammoudia is located Nicopoli. Nicopoli was built by Augustus Caesar and was the capital city of the Romas province of Epirus. It was located in the western part of the modern state of Greece. Many impressive ruins of the ancient city may be visited today, although today the old city is associated with the name Preveza, a place 7 kilometres (4 miles) south of Nicopolis.